Getting your own Member Profile

In order to get your own member profile, first you must be a registered member of NoCoAstro. If you are not currently a member, check out the benefits of joining! If you are a member, there are several options available for your NoCoAstro Profile.

  • Link to an external, personal website.
  • Link to an external astronomy-related website showcasing your contributions.
  • Static text-based content.
  • Dynamic image gallery (from Flickr) that you can update on your own (see below for more details).
To set up your page, send an email to
containing any text you would like on your personal page (such as a bio, astronomical interests, etc.), links to any of your own astronomy-related websites, links to your profile on external astronomy-related websites, the 17-digit number from your Flickr album(s), and/or a small image to use as a thumbnail view (100x100px maximum).

Setting up an Image Gallery

By setting up a Flickr album to share, you can add images and descriptions of your images at your own convenience. Please restrict the content of these album to astronomy-related and appropriate material.
1. Create a Flickr account (or you may use an existing account).
2. Place all the images you wish to share in an album. You will be sharing this album on the NoCoAstro Website.
3. In your Flickr account, go to your profile.
4. Click on the Album tab (as shown below)
5. Then click on open the particular album you wish to share.
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6. Take note of the 17-digit number on the end of URL. You will need to provide this number to the webmaster.
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