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September 1st, 2016 Featured Speaker: Greg Halac

Saturn’s Rings

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Speaker Bio: Greg Halac has been fascinated by astronomy since middle school. Seeing the rings of Saturn for the first time through a 60mm refractor established his long-term interest in observing the sky. For a better academic knowledge of the field, Greg has completed 1/3 of the M.S. in Astronomy program from Swinburne University of Technology. Recently, he has enjoyed astronomy-travel opportunities. Starting with a “day trip” to Albuquerque for the 2012 annular eclipse, Greg observed the entire Venus transit from Hawaii, and has travelled to Australia to see the southern autumn sky at OzSky2015 and OzSky2016. 2017 will be his first total solar eclipse, and the southern spring OzSky2017 is currently planned.

Greg joined NCAS in 2002 after experiencing truly dark skies at “Weekend Under the Stars” in Foxpark. He has served as club president and vice-president, and is the current treasurer and outreach coordinator. For his “day” job, he is an engineering manager in Broadcom’s (previously Avago) Wireless Semiconductor Division in Fort Collins.

Talk Abstract: Saturn’s Rings
Although rings have now been found around the solar system’s other gas giant planets, none compare to those of Saturn. As this year’s “evening viewing season” for Saturn draws to a close, this presentation aims to give additional insight into these magnificent structures. This talk covers 4 main topics:
- Discovery of Saturn’s rings and moons
- Geometry, characteristics, and dynamics of the ring system
- NASA image archives and tools to study the rings
- Saturn at equinox (edge-on rings) as seen by Cassini

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