Club Events

NoCoAstro is proud to host or take part in dozens of events per year. The calendar below shows all of our scheduled Monthly Meetings, Public Events, and Private/Reserved Events. We invite all to join us for our Monthly Meetings and Public Events. To get more details, link the location in the calendar below.
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Monthly Meetings

Regular club meetings are currently held at the Fort Collins Museum of Discovery, and are scheduled for the 1st Thursday of every month. Please verify the meeting date and location on the club website. The business portion of the meeting is scheduled for 15 minutes starting at 6:15pm. Regular topics include:
  • Announcements on upcoming NCAS events: speakers, stargazing, outreaching, etc.
  • Brief updates from the club treasurer and secretary
  • Items of general interest as shared by members and visitors
After the business meeting, invited speakers present an astronomy-related program beginning at 6:30pm. It is free of charge and the public is welcome. Talks are typically geared towards people with a high-school science background, but the level does vary. Feel free to contact a club officer for guidance if the target level is not apparent from the talk description. Talks typically last for 60 minutes. Questions are usually welcome both during and after the talk.

NoCoAstro invites speakers to be our guest for dinner immediately after the club meeting. Dinner details are sent to the “club-news” email list shortly before the meeting. Dinner provides a great opportunity to welcome and get to know our speaker. Typically ~10 club members usually attend.

NoCoAstro greatly appreciates the members and experts in the Northern Colorado region who have taken the time to share their knowledge with the public and the club.

List of Past Presenters

Public Observation Events

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During the warmer months (and for special events during the cold ones), the Northern Colorado Astronomical Society holds public observation nights. Emphasis is on actual observing with telescopes furnished by both NoCoAstro and the personal telescopes of our members. Our volunteers will show off celestial objects while describing the objects you are viewing.

Find upcoming Public Observation Events

Directions to Public Events

Private/Reserved Observation Events

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NCAS primarily supports organizations and events that are open to the general public. NCAS does NOT officially support for-profit events. Fees to defray costs for optional services (food, transportation, crafts, etc.) are acceptable. Support for private events will be considered upon request. Typically organizations/events supported include:
  • Schools, particularly public K-12 schools in the Fort Collins/Loveland/Greeley region
  • National Park Service, US Forest Service sites and events
  • Colorado State Parks and events
  • Northern Colorado area public "Open Space" events
  • Boy/Girl Scout groups
Typical outreach events include: telescope sky gazing, presentation on astronomy topic(s) of interest, or solar observing. THANKS go to all the volunteers who generously share their time, expertise, and equipment with the public.

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