About the Northern Colorado Astronomical Society

The Northern Colorado Astronomical Society has an active community of amateur astronomers from Fort Collins and the surrounding area. Membership is open to anyone who enjoys astronomy or who like to help NoCoAstro in sharing the enjoyment of astronomy with others. No experience is necessary!

NoCoAstro Current Elected Officers

Have questions about the club or need to get an official response from the club?

President - Ann Donoghue

Do you have suggestions or wish to volunteer to speak at our monthly meetings?

Vice President - Greg Halac

Need to renew your club dues? Would like to make a donation to the club?

Treasurer - Charlie Davis

Need to coordinate with the club? Discuss the connections NoCoAstro has with other local, regional, or national organizations? Or find out about our meetings?

Secretary - Carla Johns

NoCoAstro Current Volunteered Positions

Wish to schedule an outreach event, find out about our public events, or discuss upcoming activities?

Outreach Coordinator - Greg Halac

Do you have stories, photos, or news to go in The Objective View newsletter?

Newsletter Editor - Patrick Fitzhorn

Problems or suggestions for the website?

Web Lackey - Paul Fleming

Night Sky Network

NoCoAstro is a proud member of the Night Sky Network. Check out the NASA affiliated network to find events not only hosted by NoCoAstro, but all astronomy groups in the region.
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