Loan Policy

Items belonging to the club may be borrowed at no cost by NoCoAstro MEMBERS in good standing. New members (less than 6 months) need approval from a club officer to borrow some high-valued items. NoCoAstro wants these items to get used; please contact an officer to arrange a loan. By borrowing an item, the club member agrees to:
  • Request training in an item’s proper use and care if not experienced in its operation
  • Reasonably protect the borrowed item(s) from loss or damage
  • Return the item in the same condition as received, other than signs of normal use (eg. dust, mount run marks)
  • NOT attempt cleaning of any optical surfaces
  • Promptly report any damaged or missing items to a club officer
  • Repair, replace, or reimburse the club for lost or damaged items, as determined by the club officers
  • Return the item after the agreed-upon loan period, or upon member request - whichever is later
  • Make the item(s) available for NCAS-supported outreach events, as requested
  • Return all items if membership lapses
  • Provide current contact information (email and phone number) to the club
  • Contact a club officer if you have any questions
ItemAvailabilityCurrent Location
Celestron C14
Coronado Solar Max 60Dave Karp
Coronado PSTBrian McGuinness
Astro-Systems 10” Dob
Edmund Scientific 6” Mirror
Oberwerk 15x70 Binoculars
Sunspotter Solar Telescope
Unihedron Sky Quality Meter
Unitron 70mm Refractors

Available For Loan

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Celestron C14, German Equatorial Mount with Accessories

Donated by Dr. Chris Cooper.

The C14 is a large Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope with a focal length of 3910mm. This is a great instrument for viewing galaxies, planetary nebulae, globular clusters, and planets. It comes with the CGE Pro (or CGEM) mount which contains the positions of tens of thousands of astronomical objects. Also included are standard accessories such as eyepieces, spotter scopes, electrical hookups, etc.)

Note, this is a very large and heavy object. It is highly recommended that more than one person helps during setup. The OTA weighs 45lbs and the mount (not including counter-weights) is 75lbs.
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Coronado SolarMax 60 H-Alpha Filter + BF10 Blocking Filter

NCAS Purchase and Donation by Gerry Reynolds

In order to use the filter, this item comes with a 60mm Refractor and an Equatorial Mount which was donated by Gerry Reynolds.
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Coronado PST (Personal Solar Telescope) and 20mm Eyepiece

NCAS Purchase and Donations by Dan Laszlo and Greg Halax

In order to use the PST, this item comes with a Coronado Cemax 12mm Eyepiece, donated by Dan Laszlo, and an Orion EQ-1 Equatorial Mount, donated by Greg Halac.
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Edmund Scientific 6” f/4 mirror (2 available)

Donated by Gene Schmidt

Just the mirror. This item is great if you care to try your hand at building your own telescope.
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Oberwerk 15x70 Binoculars

Anonymous donation or purchase

A pair of binoculars is the first step at beginning deep sky observations. With these, you can see dozens of deep sky objects.
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Astro-Systems 10in Dobsonian Telescope

Donated by Astro-Systems.

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Sunspotter Solar Telescope

SOFIA (NASA) - Night Sky Network Prize

Not a traditional telescope. Instead, this scope will create a projected image of the sun, making it safe to view the surface of the sun. You can see large sunspots and eclipses on the projection.
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Unihedron Sky Quality Meter (Serial #0760)

NCAS Purchase

This device will measure the darkness of the sky. Simply point the device straight up and press the button to get an SQM reading.
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Unitron 70mm Refractor, Equatorial Mount, and Eyepieces

Donated by Dr. Leslie Trowbridge

A small refractor telescope which comes complete with an equatorial mount and eyepieces.
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Various Media

  • The Cosmic Perspective: Stars, Galaxies, and Cosmology - Donated by Nick Schneider and Erica Ellington
  • Hands-On Astrophysics: Variable Stars in Math and Education AAVSO - Anonymous donation or purchase
  • Intro To Astronomy “Teaching Company”, VHS Tapes - Donated by Greg Halac
  • Intro To Astronomy “Teaching Company”, DVD Tapes - Donated by Greg Halac
  • What’s New In Astronomy 2003 “Teaching Company”, DVDs - Donated by Greg Halac
  • Mysteries of Deep Space, PBS, VHS Tapes - Donated by Gerry Reynolds