Past Presentations

Below is a sortable table containing a list of the past speakers at NoCoAstro’s Monthly Meetings.
2018-01Andrew CaldwellMeteorites: Old Rocks, New Discoveries
2017-12Bill PosselCassini Mission at Saturn - The Grand Finale
2017-11Dr. Stephen MojzsisColossal Impacts on Mars
2017-10Dr. Andrea SchweitzerClimateWise Night Skies
2017-09Dr. Michael ChaffinMars: A Case Study in Planetary Failure?
2017-08Dr. Vicky HamiltonNASA's OSIRIS-REx Asteroid Sample Return Mission
2017-07Dr. Suzanne MetlayThe 2017 Solar Eclipse
2017-06Dr. Andrew HamiltonBlack Holes
2017-05DVDObserving Solar Activity
2017-04Dr. Emily Hardegree-UllmanGreatest Mysteries in Astrobiology
2017-03Dr. Norm BuchananExotic Physics at Long-Baseline Neutrino Experiments
2017-02Dr. Amanda HendrixThe Cassini Mission Comes to an End
2017-01Dr. Roger CulverThe Bygone Constellations of the Cosmos
2016-12Dr. David MalaspinaEarth's Aurora and Radiation Belts: Exploration on the Edge of Space
2016-11Jon CaldwellAmateur Telescope Making
2016-10Drs. Steve & Irene LittleMaking the Earth Ripple: Black Holes and Gravitational Waves
2016-09Greg HalacSaturn's Rings
2016-08Dr. Steven MillerLow Light Satellite Remote Sensing
2016-07Arne HaasConstruction and Start-Up of the Keck I Telescope
2016-06Dr. Joseph DiVerdiRadio Astronomy at Table Mountain near Boulder
2016-05Dr. John BallyRecent Discoveriess in Orion with ALMA, CARMA, and Adaptive Optics
2016-04Dr. Suzanne MetlayFive Moons of Pluto
2016-03Dr. Daniel BakerUnderstanding Particles and Fields Throughout the Solar System
2016-02Zach SchierlFrom Mariner to MAVEN: A History of Exploration an Discovery on Mars
2016-01Dr. Henry MuellerThe Case for Going Back to the Moon
2015-12Dr. Lisa HardawayNew Horizons and the Ralph Imager
2015-11Dr. Steve HartungImage Differencing
2015-10Dr. Robert CrewdsonMeteorites and the (Re)-Distribution of Matter in the Solar System
2015-09Mike RoosMr. Messier Marathon
2015-08Dr. John StockeSecrets of the Andean Skies
2015-07Chris PetersonCatching Meteors
2015-06Jay WilsonRadio Astronomy
2015-05Dr. Emily LevesqueThe Weirdest Stars in the Universe
2015-04Andrew PlanckWhat's Hot on the Moon Tonight
2015-03Carla JohnsThe Revered Mt. Wilson Observatory: Yesterday and Today
2015-02Dr. Roger CulverCelestial Events that Changed History
2015-01Dr. David MalaspinaThe Solar Probe Mission
2014-12Zach SchierlImpacts, Dinosaurs, and You!
2014-11Dr. Ken OganAn Inside Tour of the New, Large Astronomical Observatories in Chile
2014-10Dr. Clark ChapmanThe MESSENGER Spacecraft's Exploration of Mercury
2014-09Mike RoosMessier PLUS Marathon
2014-08Dr. Alexus McLeodThe Origins of Astronomy in Ancient India
2014-07Quintin SchillerCubeSat for Measuring Earth's Radiation Belts
2014-06Bill PosselMAVEN, 1/2 Way to Mars Update
2014-05Dr. Suzanne Metlay715 New Planets - Kepler Mission Update
2014-04Dr. Sarah HorstTitan as a Pre-Biotic Chemical System
2014-03Dr. Fran BagenalPlumes on Europa
2014-02Ben GondrezFt Collins Museum of Discovery Digital Dome Demonstration
2014-01Dr. Steven MillerThe Chelyabinsk Meteorite & Latest from the Suomi-NPP Satellite
2013-12Dr. John HartonDark Matter and the Directional DRIFT Experiments
2013-11Dr. Sascha KempfCassini Studies Dust from Saturn and its Moons
2013-10Drs. Steve & Irene LittleA Visit to the World's Largest Telescope
2013-09Bill TschumySatellite Observing / Satellite Launching
2013-08Dr. Andrew HamiltonBlack Holes, Inside and Out
2013-08Mark 'Indy' KochteFor the World has Hollows, and I have Touched the Ice - The Greatest, Latest MESSENGER Findings on Mercury
2013-07Rodney HoweCounting Sunspots
2013-06Christine Edwards Stewart | Andrzej StewartExploring Space from a Mission Control Center in Colorado | Spitzer Space Telescope
2013-05Dr. Chris O'DellObservations of Global Climate Change
2013-04Tom FayThe Hickson Catalog of Compact Galaxy Groups
2013-03Dr. Steven MillerSuomi-NPP Satellite Imaging of the Earth
2013-02Robert ArnPanorama Astro-Image Processing Techniques
2013-01Andrew CaldwellMeteorite Collecting in Antarctica
2012-12Dr. Roger CulverMayan End of the World - December 21, 2012!
2012-11Dr. Craig DeforestImaging Empty Space: CMEs, Solar Wind, and Free Electrons
2012-10Dr. David NesvornyZodiacal Light
2012-09Dr. John BallyMolecular Clouds & Eta Carinae
2012-08Daniel Greenidge2012 BioBlitz Dark Sky Volunteering
2012-07Ray WarrenCommercial Space Flight - Companies and Spacecraft
2012-06Randy CunninghamSkygazing with Filters
2012-05Dr. Dan DurdaSub-Orbital Missions - Virgin Galactic, etc.
2012-04Tom FayA Virgo Walkabout
2012-03Dr. Paul LightseyAstronomy from Space: Where Have We Been, Where Are We Headed?
2012-02Dr. Suzanne MetlayWhat Time Is It? Timekeeping in Ancient and Modern Astronomy
2012-01Jon CaldwellSpace Rockets - Men & Machines
2011-12Meinte VeldhuisLittle Thompson Observatory
2011-11Robert ArnNightscape Imaging: Maps, Gas and Bits
2011-10Michael HotkaConstruction of a Dobsonian Telescope
2011-09Robert MichaelThe Atacama Desert - Earth's Exoplanet
2011-08Ray HeinleStudying Energy - Livermore to Arizona to Colorado
2011-07Dr. Bob StencelEpsilon Aurigae - Exiting Eclipse
2011-06Max MoeCosmic Duos: When Binary Stars Interact
2011-04Vern RabenAll-Sky Camera Design and Construction
2011-03Bill PosselLASP Mission Logistics - MAVEN and Kepler
2011-02Rodney HoweCan Amateur Astronomers Discriminate the Core of Dense Globular Clusters Like M3 and M15?
2011-01Tom FaySky Surveys and Web Portals
2010-12Bill TschumyEscape from Plato's Cave: The Milky Way Galactic Coordinate System
2010-11Robert ArnAstrophotography
2010-10Dr. Paul LightseyTelescopes + Rockets: Bigger and Better Astronomy from Space
2010-09Craig BetzinaBackyard Dome Observatories
2010-07Chip KobulnickyWyoming Infrared Observatory
2010-06Bob WebbAstrophotography - Film to Digital
2010-05Drs. Steve & Irene LittleChimney Rock, the Chaco Connection
2010-04Jon CaldwellAmateur Telescope Making
2010-03Dr. Matt RogersCloudsat
2010-02Vern RabenVideo Astrophotography
2010-01Greg Halac & Chad MooreThe Night Sky Network - Promoting Astronomy Outreach
2009-12Dr. Jack HarveyRemote Imaging in Two Hemispheres
2009-10Dr. Suzanne MetlayYour Eyes On the Sky: NEOs (Near-Earth Objects), Satellites and More
2009-09Bill PosselLASP Missions: A Tour of the Solar System and Beyond
2009-08DVDThe Journey to Palomar
2009-07Lee GregoryPlanetary Nebulae in the NGC
2009-06Gavin PolhemusBlack Holes De-Mystified
2009-05Allen JeterAstrophotography for Non-Millionaires
2009-04Bryan WhiteNitescapes 3-D: Aurora, Yellowstone, Chaco Canyon
2009-03Dr. Joel ParkerAstronomer on a Mission: The UIT, Rosetta, and LRO missions
2009-02Max MoeOutflows from Active Galaxies
2009-01Dan LaszloLunar Observing and Photography
2008-11Joe Hinton & Art HoagNorthern Colorado Rocketry
2008-10Chad MooreIn Search of Darkness - NPS Research on Light Pollution
2008-09Dr. Andrea SchweitzerInternational Year of Astronomy 2009
2008-08Roger AppeldornFrom Stars to Cars
2008-07Dave ChamnessBlack Holes
2008-05Nate PerkinsJohannes Kepler: His Life and Discoveries
2008-04Erica EllingsonDark Energy and Galaxy Clusters
2008-04Dr. Nick SchneiderThe Solar System in 3-D
2008-03Dr. Fran BagenalNew Horizons Mission to Pluto
2008-02Pablo BauleoCosmic Ray Astronomy
2008-01Tom FayCosmic Collisions
2007-12Michael HotkaAstronomical League Observing Clubs
2007-10Greg HalacSkygazing in Australia
2007-08Dr. Roger CulverGlobal Network of Astronomical Telescopes (GNAT)
2007-07Craig DeForestNew Developments in Solar Physics
2007-06Dr. Richard DietzSolar Eclipse Reminiscing
2007-05Dr. Bruce JakoskyAstrobiology, Science and Religion
2007-04Lee GregoryChoice Images of the Messier Catalog, Part 2
2007-03Dan DurdaNear Earth Asteroids, Threat and Promise
2007-02Bryan WhiteNitescapes 3-D: Comets and the Aurora in 3-D Landscapes
2007-01Lee GregoryChoice Images of the Messier Catalog, Part 1
2006-12Nate PerkinsAstronomy Equipment for Beginners
2006-11Ken Van LewTransits
2006-10Dr. Joseph DiVerdiRadio Astronomy at Colorado's Table Mountain
2006-08Roger AppeldornAstrophotography
2006-07Lee GregoryLunar 100, Part 2
2006-06Aaron Reid & Dr. Bob StencelWhat's New from the International Dark Sky Association
2006-04Jim BergstromMars Reconnaissance Orbiter HiRISE Imager
2006-03Lee GregoryLunar 100, Part 1
2006-02Nate PerkinsConstruction of a Lightweight Coopered Dobsonian
2006-01Randy CunninghamAstrosystems Products
2005-12Drs. Steve & Irene LittleEndpoints in Stellar Evolution
2005-11Dr. Roger CulverMars, a Modern Mythology
2005-10John SpencerCassini Mission Update
2005-08Brad JarvisPopulation Growth and Settlement of Space
2005-07Dirk TerrellBinary Stars as Keys to Stellar Characteristics
2005-06James GreenHST, the Final Chapter
2005-05Tom FayWeb Astronomical Images for Science and Pretty Pictures
2005-04Dr. Andrea SchweitzerNASA: Changes Ahead
2005-03Jim BurrJMI, Innovations in Products for Astronomy
2005-02Drs. Steve & Irene LittleAstro-Archaeology
2005-01Dan LaszloKansas Cosmosphere
2004-12Dan LaszloAstro-Biology
2004-10Nahum AravActive Galactic Nuclei
2004-09Dr. Steven LeeMars Rover Update
2004-07Max MoeU of Arizona Astro Camp, AAS Meeting
2004-06Pablo BauleoExtreme Cosmic Rays
2004-05Dr. Andrea SchweitzerLaunch of SIRTF
2004-04Dr. Dennis EbbetsJames Webb Space Telescope
2004-02Keith GleasonSommers-Bausch Observatory
2004-01Jess HuguleyApollo 13
2003-12Sam JohnsonJohnsonian Telescopes and platforms
2003-11Dr. Greg KoppThe Sun, a Typical Star We Don't Understand
2003-10Dr. Joseph DiVerdiProbing the Ionosphere and Beyond, Radio Waves & Software-Defined Radio
2003-09Dr. Roger CulverMars Mania
2003-08Max MoeNational Astro League Convention 2003
2003-07Drs. Steve & Irene LittleStellar Evolution
2003-06Dan LaszloSatellites of Summer
2003-05Corey RadmanStarlab Demonstration
2003-04Dr. Steven LeeMysteries of Mars
2003-03Dr. Roger CulverJupiter and Saturn
2003-01Gerry ReynoldsUnderstanding Diffraction; Astrophotos
2002-12Bryan White3-D Comet and Aurora photography
2002-10Gary EmersonCCD Camera Astronomy
2002-09Brad JarvisFlyby of Asteroid 2002 NY 40
2002-08Max MoeU of Arizona Advanced Teen Astronomy Camp
2002-07Thom PeckOptics for Professionals, Arizona Observing
2002-06Brian RachfordAurora Forecasting
2002-05Dr. Jon MorseEta Carinae and High Mass Stars
2002-04Tom MelscheimerLittle Thompson Observatory
2002-03Jim CraneDeep Impact Mission
2002-02City of Ft CollinsLighting Regulations
2002-01Andy GorisInterferometry
2001-12Dr. Andrea SchweitzerVoyager Spacecraft at Neptune
2001-10Dr. Bruce JakoskyMartian Geology, Signs of Water
2001-09Dr. Joseph DiVerdi & Rodney HoweBuilding Radio Telescopes
2001-08Archer SullyAfrican Solar Eclipse
2001-07Leroy Guatney100 Globular Clusters
2001-06Kimon BerlinCarte du Ciel Sky Chart Software
2001-04Bill BeachHigh Altitude Ballooning
2001-03Randy CunninghamTelescope Construction
2001-02Ken Van LewPluto and Charon
2001-01Gerry ReynoldsAstronomical Image Processing
2000-12Dr. Tom WoodsSolar UV Astronomy
2000-10Rodney HoweRadio Astronomy, Backyard and NRAO
2000-09Dave Chamness & Gerry ReynoldsBlack Holes Roundtable
2000-08Dale VrabecReminiscing about 1900's Caltech Astronomers
2000-07Robert WilkinsonAncient Astronaut Hypothesis
2000-04Dr. Ray MartinA Tour of US Observatories
2000-03Dr. Bob StencelMt Evans Observatory
2000-02Andy GorisString Theory
2000-01Dave ChamnessRelativity
1999-12Tom MelscheimerLittle Thompson Observatory
1999-11Robert ZubrinThe Case for Mars
1999-10Dr. Roger Culver1999 Leonid Meteors, Storm or Sprinkle?
1999-09Gerry ReynoldsAstrophotography
1999-07Ken Van LewFamous Eclipses
1999-06Dan LaszloLowell Observatory
1999-05Dave ChamnessSelecting a Telescope
1999-04Dr. Roger CulverPanic Broadcasts, a Thin Veneer of Civilization
1999-03Kevin SchaeferSpace Weather
1999-02Declan O'Donnell, J.D.A Legal Framework for Space
1999-01Randy MoenchMauna Kea Without Oxygen
1998-12Brad JarvisMars Direct
1998-11Dr. Dennis EbbetsNext Generation Space Telescope
1998-09Bill MassmanJovian Planetary Atmospheres
1998-08Dr. Eligar SadehHuman Lunar Missions as Mars Models
1998-07Dave ChamnessSupernovas
1998-06Ken Van LewFamous Astronomers, Tycho to Jocelyn Bell
1998-05Dr. Bob StencelVariable Stars
1998-04Dorothy PillmoreTotal Solar Eclipse
1998-03Marty TippmannMeteorites
1998-02Dee WangerStarlab
1997-12Dr. Dennis EbbetsHubble Space Telescope
1997-11Harold PorterHow to Define an Orbit
1997-09John BenhamAstrophotography
1997-08Dr. Andrea SchweitzerMotions of Dwarf Spheroidal Galaxies
1997-07Lee YoungbloodTelescope Mirror Making
1997-06Tom MelscheimerLittle Thompson Observatory
1997-05John LampreySundials
1997-04Ken Van LewMissing Mass in the Universe
1997-03Dan LaszloComet Hale-Bopp
1997-02Randy CunninghamAstroSystems Tour
1997-01Gerry ReynoldsIntroductory Optics
1996-11Brad JarvisComets, Asteroids, and Earth Impacts
1996-10Dr. Roger CulverCSU Observatory
1996-09Tom MeyerThe Case for Mars
1996-08Randy MoenchAstronomy on the Internet
1996-07Harold PorterOrbital Mechanics Made Clear, Part 2
1996-06Erin HandgenTruss Tube Telescopes
1996-02Dr. Roger CulverComet Hale-Bopp
1995-11Lee YoungbloodCCD Imaging
1995-10David GenetAutoscope Corporation
1995-09Steve EmmonsStellar Spectra
1995-05Brad JarvisBasic Assumptions in Astronomy
1995-04Tom BisqueRemote CCD Imaging with The Sky Software
1995-03Gary EmersonAstronomy at the South Pole
1995-02Harold PorterIntroduction to RedShift Multimedia Astronomy
1995-01Dorothy PillmoreThe November 3, 1994 Total Solar Eclipse
1994-11Gene FattonMeasurement Standards
1994-09Dr. George ObbsuthThe Eye